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Large Format Solvent Ink

• Our specialty is manufacturing digital inks with the strictest production controls. We know the importance of colors and we have inks with a wide gammut and high color density.

• We respect technology and develop inks with physical-chemical properties tuned to each print head, providing maximum performance and durability

• State-of-the-art technology, quality products adapted to your needs, printing speed, fast drying and fluidity.

• Rigid production control, respect and trust.

• DS line is  available  in versions  7/14/35  picoliters

• Indicated for large format printers that use heads:

Ricoh Gen4 and Gen5

Konica 512 and 1024 all models

Spectra all models

Xaar all models

Seiko All models

Kyocera all models

Digital DMP 2.png
Digital DMP.png
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