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SSAC Acrylic Screen Printing Ink

• SSAC acrylic paint has fast drying, excellent adhesion, hardness and flexibility, and is applicable for thermoforming and thermowelding.

• Screen printing on automatic and semi-automatic machines, using meshes from 120 to 180 threads/cm.

• Suitable for PVC, polystyrene, acrylic sheets, polycarbonate, ABS and acetal resin. 6800 inks are best suited for printing on luminous plates. They must not be applied on substrates treated with anti-scratch.

• Drying in an oven at 80°C/ 5 minutes for handling and 80°C/ 10 minutes or 25°C/ 24 hours for total curing (for chemical resistance tests to 90°GL alcohol or acetone, it is recommended to be carried out after 72 hours of total cure).

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