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  • Cold Stamping Flexo UV | Tecno Paint Tintas e Vernizes

    Flexo UV Cold Stamping Tecno Paint Tintas e Vernizes is a factory that uses state-of-the-art technology combined with quality materials and certificates. Thus delivering a product of high quality, coverage and efficiency. • Transparent in color, this varnish has a high gloss. • Excellent spread, adhesion and machine stability. • Ideal for use in Cold Stamping overlay applications and flexographic applications on rotary machines. • Suitable for substrates such as PE and BOPP films with treatment. I want to buy

  • Tecno Paint | Tinta Solvente | São Paulo | (12) 3644-1550

    Large Format Solvent Ink • Our specialty is manufacturing digital inks with the strictest production controls. We know the importance of colors and we have inks with a wide gammut and high color density. • We respect technology and develop inks with physical-chemical properties tuned to each print head, providing maximum performance and durability • State-of-the-art technology, quality products adapted to your needs, printing speed, fast drying and fluidity. • Rigid production control, respect and trust. • DS line is available in versions 7/14/35 picoliters • Indicated for large format printers that use heads: Ricoh Gen4 and Gen5 Konica 512 and 1024 all models Spectra all models Xaar all models Seiko All models Kyocera all models I want to buy

  • Tecno Paint Tintas e Vernizes | UV CD/DVD | São Paulo | (12) 3644-1550

    UV Screen Printing for CD/DVD • Glossy UV ink is designed with excellent reactivity, opacity, spread and machine reactivity. • Ideal for serigraphic application in automatic and semi-automatic machines, using meshes from 150 to 200 threads/cm. • Indicated for the most varied substrates, such as CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R and DVD-RW. It was formulated to adhere perfectly to the Spin Coating Varnish and directly to the polycarbonate. • Drying inks in UV curators, with 300 W/in lamps, with a minimum radiation of 90 mJ/cm2. I want to buy

  • Tecno Paint Tintas e Vernizes | Início | São Paulo | (12) 3644-1550

    Topo da Página Onde Comprar Contato 100% Brazilian company We have the right and customized product for every kind of need! Tecno Paint Product Line SUCESS HISTORIES We converted the entire printing plant of the company, today we have a differentiated service, we managed to lower the cost both in ink and for equipment maintenance Mathes manaus We work with every line of sprays and we are super satisfied with the 9-year partnership. FABIANA Ponta grossa We have some specific demands where the first option to solve what the market still doesn't offer is tecnopaint. Marcos Sao Paulo Find the Dealer/Distributor closest to you. what's yours segment? VIEW ALL Serigraphy Saiba Mais VIEW ALL flexography Saiba Mais VIEW ALL offset Saiba Mais VIEW ALL varnishes Saiba Mais Below Click on the segment you are looking for a solution and be surprised by what we have to offer. VIEW ALL Fingerprint Saiba Mais VIEW ALL sprayed Saiba Mais Onde Comprar Want to resell? Click Here We'll Contact You OR IF YOU PREFER CONTACT US RIGHT NOW. Tecno Paint Factory Av. Alexandrina das Chagas Moreira, 540 Industrial District - Pindamonhangaba São Paulo - CEP: 12412-800 Phone: +55 (12) 3644-1550 Whatsapp +55 (12) 99727-4968 Email: Guarulhos branch R. Echapora, 244 - Satellite Industrial City of São Paulo, Guarulhos - SP, 07224-090 Phone: +55 (11) 2085-4876 Whatsapp +55 (11) 96846-8497 Email: Rio de Janeiro branch Rua Delfina Enes, 608 - Penha Circular, Rio de Janeiro - RJ | 21011-400 Phone: +55 (21) 3888-6262 Whatsapp +55 (21) 99986-4761 Email: CONTACT Success! Message received. To send Santa Catarina branch R. Ottokar Doerffel, 1095 - Store 4 Anita Garibaldi, Joinville - SC | 89203-307 Phone: +55 (47) 3085-3333 Whatsapp +55 (47) 99203-1668 Email: Contato

  • Tecno Paint | Serigrafia Plana UV | São Paulo | (12) 3644-1550

    UV Flat Screen Printing SUUN • SUUN ink is ready to use, can be used in various applications and has high strength, hardness and flexibility. • It has serigraphic application in automatic and semi-automatic machines, using meshes from 150 to 200 threads/cm. • It is suitable for substrates such as rigid and semi-rigid credit card type PVC, self-adhesive PVC (Vinyl), polycarbonate, paper, cardboard, PS, ABS, PP, PE and polywave with buckling treatment with at least 38 Dynas/cm². • With drying process carried out in UV curators, with 300 W/pol power lamps and minimum radiation of 90 mJ/cm². I want to buy

  • Tecno Paint | Verniz Tinteiro Offset UV | São Paulo | (12) 3644-1550

    UV Offset Varnish Matte Ink Cartridge • Transparent color and matte finish. • High reactivity and excellent machine stability. • Ideal for application in inkjet offset machines. • Suitable for substrates of the type PE, PP and BOPP with corona or top coated treatment and also rigid and semi-rigid PVC. I want to buy

  • Tecno Paint | Serigrafia UV Frasco SUU3 | São Paulo | (12) 3644-1550

    UV serigraphic for Frascaria SUU3 • UV ink with high gloss, excellent adhesion, physical resistance and flexibility. Even for LDPE bottles. • Indicated for the most varied substrates: Rigid, semi-rigid and flexible in PVC, PE and PP treated. • It serves several sectors of the Industry: pharmaceutical, cosmetics, cleaning, chemical laboratories, among others. • Ink with drying in UV curers. With 300 W/in lamps, with a minimum radiation of 90 mJ/cm2. I want to buy

  • Tecno Paint | Tinta Pulverizada DUBCRYL | São Paulo | (12) 3644-1550

    DUBCRYL Industrial Painting • DUBCRYL is an acrylic line ideal for plastic injection parts, and which serves several segments, including Electronics, Automotive and Home Appliances. • Its application can be performed using the “Spray” Painting by Spraying method, in addition to having several types of paint, including Enamel, Lacquer, Primer, Varnish and Acrylic Sealer. • With a matte, medium gloss and glossy finish and several plain or metallic colors, it is suitable for various substrates such as ABS, PS, PC and other thermoplastics. • Air drying, which can be accelerated in an oven (within the specification of each substrate). I want to buy

  • Tecno Paint | Verniz de Proteção UV | São Paulo | (12) 3644-1550

    Protection Varnish 1000 ml • Indicated for protection and finishing of printed materials through the digital printing process. • Water-based, odorless product, with quick drying characteristics, high yield and easy application. With rubber squeegees or foam roller. • Recommended for different substrates: Self-adhesive vinyl, PVC canvas, paper, synthetic or natural materials with solvent-based treatment for printing. • The best raw materials available on the market are used, in addition to strict control in the production and packaging process. • Available in Gloss (high gloss) and Matte (satin matte) versions. I want to buy

  • Tecno Paint | Tinta PE PP e PS | São Paulo | (12) 3644-1550

    UV Offset Ink for PE, PP and PS • Offset UV ink has excellent adhesion, slip, gloss and spread quality, in addition to low misting and high concentration. • Ideal for dry offset printing system for Van Dam, Kaese and R&D type presses. • OUDP is suitable for thermoformed substrates in PE, PP and treated PS.] • Superior quality and the best cost/benefit on the market. The right product and customized for your needs! I want to buy

  • Tecno Paint | Verniz UV para Metal | São Paulo | (12) 3644-1550

    UV Varnish for Metal • Transparent in color, it has high gloss and excellent spread. • Good grip and machine stability. • Suitable for metallic substrates such as steel, brushed steel and aluminum. I want to buy

  • Tecno Paint | Tinta Offset UV WLESS | São Paulo | (12) 3644-1550

    Offset UV ink for WLESS UV • Offset Ink for WLESS UV has excellent gloss and spreadability, low misting and high concentration. • Ideal for Waterless printing system for VIVA 340 or 420 printers. • OUWL is suitable for substrates such as BOPP, metallized, vinyl films, among others. • Efficiency and the highest print quality at your fingertips! I want to buy

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