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Flat UV Screen Printing for Vacum Forming SUVC

• SUVC ink has high gloss, good screen stability, high curing speed, excellent flexibility, spreading, with good chemical resistance to cleaning products in general, being used mainly for the vacuum forming process.

• Used for serigraphic application in automatic and semi-automatic flat machines, with nylon or polyester meshes, from 150 to 200 threads. The matrix must be produced with emulsion or solvent-resistant capillary films, and the squeegee must have a hardness between 75 and 85 shore from a sharp, sharp edge.

• Suitable for PS type substrates, top-coated polyester, rigid PVC, adhesive vinyl, PETG and polycarbonate.

• Drying ink in UV curators, with 300 W/pol lamps and minimum radiation of 90 mJ/cm².

Serigrafia 1.png
Serigrafia 2.png
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