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Polyurethane Screen Printing (Solvent) SSPU

• Bi-component, multipurpose solvent-based serigraphic ink, it has fast drying, high gloss, flexibility, adhesion and high chemical resistance to chemical products in general after a minimum curing time of 48 to 72 hours in the air, or 120°C/10 minutes.

• It is ideal for screen printing and pad printing in automatic, semi-automatic and manual machines, using meshes from 120 to 180 threads/cm.

• Suitable for PE and PP substrates, PET treated with at least 38 Dynas/cm², ferrous and non-ferrous metals, formica, bakelite, nylon, among others.

• Has air drying/curing (at 25°C/10 minutes for handling and 48 to 72 hours at 25°C or 80°/5 minutes for full cure).

Serigrafia 1.png
Serigrafia 2.png
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