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Rotating Serigraphic Ink for Labels - SURT

• With UV technology, the ink has high color intensity in applications and excellent coverage in finishes with Letterpress, Offset UV and Flexographic inks, as it is silicone-free.

• Developed for mixed equipment such as Screen Printing/Letterpress, Screen Printing/Flexography and Screen Printing/Hot Stamping.

• Indicated for the most varied substrates such as polypropylene films with minimum corona treatment 3S Dynas/cm2, as well as very thin parchments (vellum), chromocoats and various metallized supports.

• SURT is an ink with drying in UV curators, with lamps of 300 W/pol power and minimum radiation of 90 mJ/cm2.

Serigrafia 1.png
Serigrafia 2.png
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