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Solvent Based Vinyl Screen Printing

• Matte Vinyl paint has fast drying, excellent adhesion, opacity and flexibility, in addition to good resistance to alcohol, detergent, hygiene and cleaning products.

• With serigraphic application in automatic and semi-automatic machines, using meshes from 120 to 180 threads/cm.

• Suitable for adhesive vinyl, rigid PVC, ABS, polycarbonate, PS and PETG substrates.

• Drying in an oven at 80°C/ 5 minutes for handling and 80°C/ 10 minutes or 25°C/ 24 hours for total curing (for chemical resistance tests to 99°GL alcohol or acetone, it is recommended to be carried out after 72 hours of total cure).

• Can have a matte or gloss finish.

Serigrafia 1.png
Serigrafia 2.png
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